Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christian music

It seems that I've been having a lot of discussions about Christian music recently. I'm curious about others' thoughts. Here's a few to start...

- God created beauty. He invites us to be co-creators with him. Can we really afford to settle for mediocrity? So much contemporary Christian music seems to be based around the production of cookie-cutter music and lyrics, relying on the fact that we have the truth as an excuse for being lazy. Nothing about Christianity should be a second-rate substitution for something better, yet that's what Christian music can often be.

- What should our response be to musical mediocrity, especially in worship?

- There is a place for simplicity. What's the difference between mediocrity and simplicity?

- All truth is God's truth, so is there a need to distinguish between Christian and non-Christian music? If so, what defines each? Should Christian bands only sing about Christian things? Can non-Christian bands produce things of eternal value?

I'm sure there's some good thoughts out there...please share!!

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  1. I want to comment on the last one.
    I believe inspiration can be found anywhere - I don't believe God limits himself to what we label as "Christian".

    So when Kelly Clarkson sings "It's impossible for you, Not impossible to me" in her song "Impossible" off her latest CD, I imagine it's God saying it to me as a reminder that He can do anything.

    Was that Kelly's intention? Maybe not. But it's providing eternal value regardless...