Friday, February 12, 2010

26 things I love about my husband

To celebrate my husband's 26th birthday today, here are 26 things I love about him. Please "awwww" all you want.

1. He's incredibly communicative, especially for a guy. This is also why he's going to be a great counselor.
2. He's incredibly compassionate. See above.
3. He can pick up any sport in about 20 minutes and then rock at it.
4. He has a habit of playing with my wedding ring. I love this.
5. He thinks, a lot, about a lot of things. He loves deep, philosophical, intellectual thinking and conversations.
6. He is both gentle and fierce.
7. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else, and frequently.
8. He has a really hilarious goofy side that most people don't get to see.
9. Injustice bothers him deeply.
10. He knows when to let me cry and not try to fix everything.
11. He apologizes first 90% of the time. I'm really stubborn. He's really forgiving.
12. He's in really good shape :-)
13. He teaches me how and encourages me to relax.
14. He's flexible and spontaneous, which balances me well.
15. He is amazing with kids.
16. He's adventurous -- in big ways and little ways.
17. He doesn't let others' opinions sway him unduly -- he knows who he is in Christ.
18. He's really humble (almost too much so).
19. He wants me to be exactly who I am.
20. His bald head. So sexy.
21. He believes deeply in marriage and commitment.
22. He is a dog whisperer.
23. He still opens car doors for me.
24. He wants to adopt.
25. He reflects God's heart to me and draws me closer to Him.
26. He loves Jesus deeply, honestly, vulnerably, with his whole head and his whole heart.

PS. We suck at blogging. Sorry.

PPS. I blogged this so it would show up on his Facebook...mwahahaha...

PPPS. Thanks to Aimee Swift for this awesome idea!!